Ishq Mein Ghayal Full Episode 1

Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Full Episode 1

Video Watch Online Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Full Episode 1 Video , Colors Tv Serial Ishq Mein Ghayal Latest Episode Free Download, Desi Serial Ishq Mein Ghayal Today Episode 1 Online In HD , You can watch and Download Latest All Episode Ishq Mein Ghayal 13 February 2023 Online.

Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 13th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Scene 1
A girl runs around and looks for Tej. He stops her and says please go back. You know we can’t be one. She says I love you. You taught me what real love is. Police and people are looking for them. Tej says see my real face. The men look around for them. Tej becomes a wolf. she says you’re a wolf and I am a human, make me like yourself so we can be together forever. She hugs him. He says I can’t do that. I can’t ruin your life. I can’t make you part of my world, I love you. Someone shoots him. They say Avantika move. He’s a wolf. She says he is my love. The man says wolves kill people. She says you’re all animals. He was innocent. One day he will complete our story. They stab me.

Years later
Eisha says whenever someone asks I say I am fine but I am not. Ever since you both are gone mama and papa I know I’ve never been okay. You both know the truth. A wolf sees her. She says you both don’t answer me. I miss you both. Eisha looks outside. Armaan hides. Some friends are in the car. They discuss there are wolves in this area. They kill people. Their car stops them. a wolf stops them. He kills all of them.

The next day Malini gets ready. She reads newspapers about friends who were killed by a wolf. Eisha wakes up Vihaan, her brother. She says you should stay playing football again. Our parents would be so happy. Malini says to Eisha everything will be fine. She gets a text to come outside the door. He says I know you’re wearing cream color. It’s her friend. She goes out, and Meher waits for her on the bike. Meher says see I knew you were wearing green. She says it’s coming. They go to college. Meher says I wish I had a superpower to know what will be in our exam. It starts raining. They both stand under a tree. Meher says if it rains and has sun together prying on one person they will find their soulmate soon. They leave. Armaan follows them.

Scene 2
Eisha comes to college. Her classmate gives her a photo of her parents. She says you will feel your parents are always with you. Eisha gets emotional. She leaves. Meher says why did you do this? Jenny says I did it to cheer her up. I got rose gold polished on it. Meher says to think before doing these things. She says no one gets me. I hope I get a hot guy. Armaan comes to the college. He sees Eisha. A pole falls on Eisha. Meher runs to her, and Armaan saves her. The flag falls on both of them. Meher asks are you okay? Jenny says what a hero. She gets a crush on him. Meher hugs Eisha.

Eisha asks Vihaan why did you give that guy money? She finds him with drugs. Eisha says this is not how you deal with things. He says backing off. I know how to live my life. I can’t fake like you. She says I care for you. He says mom is gone, you can’t take her place. Eisha comes to the cliff. She says this place will always remind me of her. It gets cold and smokey. Eisha runs. She falls, Armaan. She says how did you get everywhere I am in trouble? He says this jungle isn’t safe. Don’t hide your pain behind a smile. I heard about your parents. You can’t heal some wounds. She says have you ever lost someone you loved? He says we pretend to be happy for our people. But it’s okay to let things out. Eisha says the memories hurt because you live with them. Mama and papa died in car accident here some months ago. I feel like someone took my security blanket. He gives her a jacket. She says tell me about self. How do you handle the pain? He says I write. She says I make blogs. Are you from the last century? He says you tell me your blogs then. She gets a cut on her hand. Armaan’s wolf comes out but he controls it.

Scene 3
Armaan comes home. The woman says why did you come here? You know the city is dangerous for wolves. He says this city is my home and I don’t need anyone’s permission to come here. I will accomplish my mission. She says the humans have taken over the city. I worry about you.

A girl comes on stage. She tells the story of the landscape. Eisha is the lead of the drama. Laksh falls. Jenny says you’re such so idiot. You had to play Tej. Meher says don’t be insensitive. Jenny says Eisha is on stage. Who will play Taj now? Eisha is playing Avantika. Jenny says to Armaan will you become a wolf for Eisha? Eisha is on stage already. He agrees. Arman comes on stage and performs with Avantika. He says I don’t know how to control myself from not coming close to you. My heart wants me to be with you. She says make me yours. They dance. Jenny says Arman is so hot. Armaan says if I make you mind I won’t be able to let you go. Meher tries to turn on the fall. Armaan hugs Eisha. Jenny says he looks so real. Armaan is shot like Tej and Eisha is taken away from him. Jenny says this is story of Tej and Avantika and their incomplete love. She says to Armaan you were amazing today. The director says to the minister we have to keep this story away from the city. MP says you should have stopped your son.

Jenny says this is the story of my grandmom. She fell in love with a wolf. Avantika was my nani. It’s a real story. She says Armaan you did such a good act. If I knew wolves are hot I would also fall in love with one like my grandmom. They do a bonfire. Vihaan’s girlfriend Sarah breaks up with him. She comes and sits with all of them. Sarah says wolves should be killed. They kill humans. It’s all stupid that they can fall in love. She leaves. Armaan comes after her. She takes a pill. Armaan attacks her. The inspector finds her body the next day.

Scene 4
Armaan says Veer come in front of me. Where are you? Veer throttles him. Veer says hello brother.
Sarah opens their eyes in a hospital. She screams wolf. He was here. Vihaan says I am here. He gives her oxygen. Armaan asks Veer what are you here for? Veer says I felt like coming. I couldn’t leave you alone. Armaan says I am sure you’re behind all the accidents around. He says do you want me to stop drinking like you too? I can’t do that. I am a wolf and will always be one. He was the one who had been killing people. Veer says humans are my targets. Armaan says you know we can be caught. We will be locked in the dark. Veer says I am not a coward like you. We both have the same reason, Eisha. Armaan says don’t even dare to come near Eisha. Veer says now you will become friends with your target? I saw her very close but you came in between. They both fight. Armaan says leave Eisha alone Go from here. I will forget you’re my brother. Veer says you took Kaviya from me. Armaan says Eisha isn’t Kaviya. They recall Kaviya was burned. She looked exactly like Eisha. Veer says how does she look exactly like Kaviya? You could never forget Kaviya. She was mine. Armaan says Eisha isn’t Kaviya and she isn’t like her.

Episode ends

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Telecast Date: 13 February 2023

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