Ishq Mein Ghayal 16th February 2023 Full Episode 4

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Tere Ishq Mein Ghayal 16th February 2023 Written Episode, Written Update

Scene 1
Veer says you said we will divide everything so we will divide Eisha. Armaan says I can’t change what happened. Veer says I don’t want to. Armaan says you can’t kill innocent people if something wrong happened to you. Veer says you can never defeat me. I like to win. I will take Eisha from you. Wait for your turn. You made my wolf, I am not embarrassed, you will be.

Meher says to Eisha Armaan didn’t like the way he asked you to go home. I felt weird touching his hand. Something is gonna go wrong. Eisha says we will spend some time with him, everything will be fine. Eisha thinks about Armaan. He comes. He says I know I didn’t tell you a lot of fo things. I want to tell you something about my brother. He hates me. He loved Kaviya a lot and she went away from him because of me. She says I can see the repentance in your eyes. He’s your brother he will understand.

Scene 2
Cherry asks Veer where were you on eclipse day? He comes close to her. Veer’s real face comes out. She is shocked. Cheery screams. He says this si my reality. This is who I am. Born in 1900. I drink human blood, I am a wolf. Armaan makes Eisha wear a bracelet. He says never take that off. He says I would never leave you. Eisha hugs him.

Cherry says wow you’re a wolf. Like stories, my grandmom also fell in love with Tej a wolf. They are wild. He says this story makes you suffer with no destination. Cherry says I would love that.
Meher comes to her grandmom. She says you are realizing your power. Cherry says what power? Veer says I can make you forget everything. she says no I don’t want to forget this. You’re my favorite wolf. He says you know what can I do to you if you tell anyone she says how can I play you. I surrender myself. I am here for you. He says you’ve to introduce me to all of your friends. She says yes we will meet them today.

Scene 2
Meher says to Sarah we were so scared for you. She says I don’t remember anything. Eisha says we are here for you. Meher and Eisha wait for Armaan. Eisha smiles looking at Armaan. Maya and MP see the device that can show them if there’s a wolf. Cherry says Eisha isn’t home. She says we can travel anywhere with your power. That’s so cool. Eisha says Mehak belongs to a young family. I don’t trust all of them. He says yes I know about them. They know if something is gonna go wrong. Cherry says we should do this entry in front of Eisha. She hugs him. He says she’s coming. Armaan is with her. They come home. Cherry says we can’t show them you’re a wolf. She says wow you can hear anything from afar. Malini says to Armaan Eisha is very happy these days. He says she’s also the reason for my happiness. Armaan feels Veer is near. He says Cherry and I came here too. Eisha says he’s your friend Cherry. He’s Armaan’s brother. Cherry says yes I got a hotter friend. She says let’s go for a walk. They go out for a walk.

Eisha plays with jugnus. She looks around Armaan isn’t there. Armaan hugs her and says everything has brightened up since you came into my life. Mehak and Cherry walk on the other side. They wonder where did Veer go? Eisha gets a call. She says Vihaan where were you? go home. She turns back, Veer is there. She says why do you like to scare people? He says Veer told you about Kaviya. We have the same choices. She says I know how to feel. Let go of the past. You might get your peace. Armaan holds Eisha. He says forget about Armaan, you’re only mine. She tries to erase her memory. He comes close to kiss her. Eisha shoves him and slaps him. She says I am not Kaviya. He wonders why couldn’t he control her. He sees the bracelet. Eisha says to stay away. Armaan comes there. VEer is angry. Armaan kicks him. He says I told you to stay away from Eisha. How dare you touch her. He says I am happy you’re thinking. I can take off that bracelet. How will you save her when I remove it?

Scene 3
Vihaan calls Laksh and asks how is Sarah? Armaan gets a liquid that will save Eisha from Veer. MP’s device moves but he couldn’t see because he is talking to his son. Eisha looks at a book. Veer comes there. He says listen. Eisha leaves. The party is going in the hall. Veer holds her hand. Eisha says leave me. He says I am sorry. He says I do all this to bother my brother. He holds her hand. He says brothers do fall in love. He dances with Eisha. Armaan comes there. The MP tries to see the watch on Armaan.

Eisha shoves him and says you’re hurting yourself and Armaan. I would never come between two brothers. Armaan hugs her. She says thank God you came. He says I had to. Veer dances with Cherry. The host says now time to express your love with a kiss. Armaan kisses her hand. Eisha says he’s so different from his brother. Veer dances with Eisha. Eisha shoves him and goes to Armaan. Veer thinks about Eisha. Cherry asks Veer are you fine? He falls to the ground. Armaan mixed that liquid into his drink. Armaan picks him. He says I will take care of him. Maya and the inspector see the device pointing at them. They go towards the temple. Armaan says to Veer I told you to stay away from Eisha.

Eisha asks Mehak to use her powers to find out where they are. Maya and the inspector go towards the jungle. They see VEer and Armaan.

Episode ends

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Telecast Date: 16 February 2023

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