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Scene 1
Eisha says this means Veer was right. Kaviya was just like me. And Armaan is a wolf? She reads about them. She reads the wolves don’t age, they don’t die. They relive their heart by drinking human blood and killing them. They live as humans. She’s shocked. She recalls everything. Armaan comes there. Eisha says I have learned everything. You have to tell me the truth. He says please trust me. I will answer all your questions. He extends his hand. Eisha holds his hand.

Cherry looks at Veer’s pictures. He says where are you, Veer? He says Cherry come to my house. I am waiting for you. She’s able to hear him and he controls her mind. Cherry walks towards his house. She sees Veer locked in there. He says I need blood. He’s weak. She says you can drink my blood. He says if I drink your blood today, you will also become a wolf since it’s a full moon. Bring a bottle. She brings the bottle and he drinks it. He gets his powers back and breaks free.

Scene 2
Armaan says I will show you my reality too and I can’t lie anymore. He turns into a wolf. Eisha is scared. Armaan says this is my reality and I’ve to live this way. I am a wolf. My love isn’t a lie. If you hate me I will be fine. He holds her, and she screams. He says only you will decide if yu want to be with me. Eisha runs. Armaan says give me one chance to explain. My feelings aren’t a lie. She says do you harm humans? He says no it’s not me. I’ve never broken a human. EIsha says I felt protected with you. Now I feel scared. He says your feelings weren’t wrong. I protect you. You can never be unsafe with me. Eisha goes home and cries.

Scene 3
Vihaan parties with his friends. Veer comes there and attacks them. Armaan comes to Eisha. He says I won’t harm you. She says you killed all the people. You harmed people. He says it’s not me, it’s Veer. He kills people now me. Please don’t tell anyone for now. It could be dangerous for you too. She says go from here. He says okay I will but I will say I didn’t want all this. Armaan leaves. Vihaan sees Sarah injured. Armaan comes out and sees everyone injured. He says what have you done Veer?

Veer says to Cherry a wolf needs to be powerful. I will get weak like Armaan if I don’t kill humans. I need to prepare for the future. No one knows what’s gonna happen. The real villain will come. She says who? He says you will know.

Sarah wakes up as a wolf. She attacks two men on the road. SP calls Maya and tells her he found some dead bodies. Vihaan comes to Sarah. He asks are you okay? I was looking for you. There is blood on you. She hugs him. She’s about to bite him but shoves him. She says please stay away from me. Sarah runs. SP asks what happened to her. He says I saw her eating meat and she attacked me. Then she ran. He sees her wound. He says she’s not well.

Scene 4
Armaan comes to VEer and says you killed so many people. what did you do to Sarah? Veer says she’s one of us now. Armaan says it’s your fault you made me angry and hungry. You forgot who our real enemy is. I am doing this because I need to. We made a pact that wolves will always remain powerful. Do you even remember? Armaan says I do. But I also remember all the tears and pain I brought to innocfent people.

Life is more important than a pact. He says Eisha left you after knowing your reality. What was the point now? It made you weak. Don’t be a loser. Armaan says you’re attacking people. You know we will not be hidden for long. Veer laughs seeing the bracelet in his pocket. He says wow, she even returned this? Who will save her now? Thank you, I can do whatever I want. He laughs. Armaan says don’t ever dare to harm Eisha. I know you also like her. Veer says I loved Kaviya only. Armaan says you don’t know where I have kept her. You will never know her location if you harm Eisha. Learned o live peacefully or I will lock you with Kaviya as well.

Scene 5
Armaan says I hope you get how much I love you. I didn’t want to scare you. You have to trust me, Eisha. I have to protect you from Veer. Eisha is asleep. He says same eyes, same face, like my love Kaviya. Sleep tight until I need you to save Kaviya. He leaves. Eisha wakes up. Vihaan comes home.

Eisha says where were you? Are you okay? He says I am fine. She says I was worried for you. your phone was off. There are many attacks. he says yes Sarah too. Eisha says is she okay? He reaclls her dad said it should remain between us only if you care about Sarah. He says she’s fine.

Mahesh picks a box. He takes out his bangle from it. He says Armaan and Veer Oberoi. To kill a wolf I will have to come to my real face. He turns into a bull. He says I didn’t forget what you did to my granddad. I am ready to take revenge.

Episode ends

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Telecast Date: 22 February 2023

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